The UltraTac K18 may be the first 1 x AAA flashlight features a side switch, and compatible with 10440 Li-ion, Ni-MH and Alkaline battery. The packaging is the nice cardboard box. You can see the features and specifications on the front, side, and back of the packaging.

UltraTac K18 cardboard box package

Manufacturer Specifications :

Max. output of 360 lumen
Convenient one-handed operation
Direct thermal path (DPT) copper MCPCB
3 light levels plus strobe
Reverse polarity protection
Compact size and light weight
AR coating lens, 99% light transmittance
Compatible with 10440 Li-ion battery
Two-way clip provide more carrying options
Battery option : 1xAAA Alkaline, Ni-MH, 10440 Li-ion battery
UltraTac K18 ANSI date

OK, Let’s unpacking it.

UltraTac K18 AAA Flashlight with side switch

UltraTac K18 Keychain flashlight packing

UltraTac K18 Keychain flashlight with side switch

The light come with removable pocket clip (attached), AAA Alkaline battery, spare o-rings, key chain, user manual, and warranty card. You don’t need to buy battery separated.

UltraTac K18 AAA torch with side switch

UltraTac K18 Keychain light with side switch

The K18 looks small for the class. The anodizing is black and no flaws. Labels are sharp and clear in bright white against the black background. There are small patterned rectangles over the head and body tube.
The light has a built-in split-ring attachment point on the tail of the light, which prevents tailstanding. It also makes the light slightly taller. The light has no tail switch. Fit and finish look good.

UltraTac K18 AAA keychain light with side switch

There is a patterned rectangles band on the head. The head has a clean looking cylindrical design with a electronic side switch. The side switch looks rubber, and it has a good feel to touch and has short travel, which produces a little clicking sound. The K18 switch provide convenient one-handed operation. What surprises me most isthe light has reverse polarity protection to protect from incorrect battery installation (i.e., UltraTac K18 has in-built physical reverse polarity protection). And the brass ring between the driver board and the body avoid the wear of the copper layer on the circuit board. It looks pretty good.

UltraTac K18 compare to others

I do not have the instrument to do technical review, I just can take some photo.

UltraTac K18

UltraTac K18 AAA light